• Optional Steam Shower

    Our fantastic new range of steam showers with an option of no steam! You can choose from a steam shower with a pivot door or no steam with a sliding door. Our New York shower range will make your bathroom look luxurious at a low cost.  

    Posted 9 hours ago by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • How You Benefit from A Daily Steam Shower Pod

    Since the days of the ancient Romans, steam has been used as a treatment for a range of physical ailments, from chest infections to joint pain. Unlike saunas, which surround an individual with coarse dry heat, steam showers wrap people with comforting, warm, relaxing air that is gentle on ...

    Posted October 6 by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • Size and Configuration

    Size and configuration: There are many different sizes and configurations of whirlpool tubs. As long as your bathroom is big enough to accommodate a regular bathtub, you should be able to find a whirlpool tub that fits your space. Whirlpool tubs range in size from a standard tub size of about 3...

    Posted October 6 by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • Air Jet vs. Water Jet

    Air jet vs. water jet: While both types of whirlpool tubs will provide a relaxing experience, depending on what you're looking for, you may prefer one above the other.    Air jet tubs send warmed air through dozens of tiny jets to create a gentle air bubble massag...

    Posted October 6 by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • The Joys Of A Whirlpool Bath in Winter

    You’re spending the final hour of waning sun light in the snow-covered mountains. You’re looking south with your position surrounded by sharp mountain ridges jutting from the earth. Looking straight up, the sky is emblazoned with the deepest blue the earth can possibly conceive. As you t...

    Posted October 6 by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • Modern Minimalism at it's Best - WA 511 Whirlpool Bath

    Whirlpool bathroom designs have come an awful long way in the past few years and no longer are they relegated to the bare minimum. Home owners across the world are starting to realize the fact that a revitalizing and relaxing dip can pretty much ease away all their woes and while nearly all of us wo...

    Posted October 6 by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • The Joys Of Steaming in Winter

    Most of us have experienced a snow or ice storm and this is why most people who live in a cold climate long for the heat of summer but for those of us with a sauna or steam shower, we get to go on vacation at the push of a button.        As there are many health b...

    Posted October 3 by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • Calm and Beautiful Bathroom Vanity

    ADBF 48 Bathroom Vanity   A bathroom is neutral colors is a real place for relaxation, and for me it’s, first of all, minimalist style. Minimalist neutral bathrooms are awesome! Simple design, minimalism in accessories and colors – isn’t that a paradise? A traditional bathro...

    Posted October 3 by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • Whirlpool Bath Dream - WA 909

    WA 909 Whirlpool Bath     A bespoke and well designed whirlpool bath that benefits from an overhead shower as well as a multi function hand shower. The unit has an overhead panel which houses colour therapy lighting to subtly alter your mood and relax you. The ...

    Posted October 3 by Mr Aaron Barnaby

  • How To Clean Your Whirlpool Tub Jets

    How do i clean a whirlpool bathtub?     Like a swimming pool, this specialized tub needs extra care in order to work well. To clean the surface of the tub, use a mild, nonabrasive liquid bathroom cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not apply an abrasive household cleaner; it could scratch th...

    Posted October 3 by Mr Aaron Barnaby